A downloadable techno-metempsychosis for Windows

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This is a techno-metempsychosis.

You're transmigrating to a new body, but instead of finding a new body of flesh, you find a machine. To cope with the spiritual, emotional and psychological distress this is causing, you create a thoughtscape in the immaterial realm, which appears to be a desert, with sand made of static.

The game is a first-person walking sim, where you collect and make sense of your new body, scattered through this strange desert.

The game explores themes of spirituality, cyborgism, transhumanism, bergsonian laughter and the affordances of/ what it means to have a body.

While it is not required, we do encourage playing with a QR Scanner (there are free apps on smartphones).


We used unityglitch GlitchEffect by StaffanWidegarnAhlvik that can be found here.
We also used the First Person Drifter Controller for Unity3d   by  Ben Esposito  that can be found here.
Additionally, this video was used as a texture. 

Everything else was made by Ben Burke, Mo Chamas and Dohun Kim. We were, of course, greatly aided by our greatest resource; the internet. 


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StaticDesertBuild_Windows.zip 62 MB
Exhibitive_Build.zip 238 MB


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Neat little experience. I'm sorry to say I broke it quite horribly. The good news is that happens a lot so I wouldn't worry all that much :D

thanks dude. yay for embracing your ludic agency! anything subversive/glitchy is definitely akin to the ideas that went into this project, so it's quite exciting to see it "break" :) we'll see how this influences our further development; thanks for playing!


Great game mate!! Say no to drugs and just play Static Desert! I would love to see more like this, and the QR codes where an interesting touch. Keep up the good work team. I made a let's play for my channel if anyone is interested. :)

Ah awesome, cheers man, glad you enjoyed it. There should be more to come!